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What is a challenge?
The short answer is that members can send their score to another person (member or friend that is not a member) via email and challenge that person to see if they can beat that score. There are 2 types of challenges Private and Public. A private challenge is a challenge that is sent directly to a person that may or may not be a member. You can issue a private challenge to anyone as long as you know their email address. When you request a private challenge no one else can respond to that challenge except the person(s) you sent it to. A public challenge will be entered into our database and any other member can respond to the challenge.

Which games offer the Challenge System?
Not all of our games offer the ability to create challenges. You can visit our challenge games list by clicking here.

What are Tcaps?
Tcaps are best described as the currency (a.k.a. money) of Tcaps do not carry any type of real money value, it is just play money. The Tcaps are worth nothing outside the website.

How do I earn Tcaps?
Tcaps can be earned by simply playing games on the site. You will earn a preset number of Tcaps for each game you play but they are limited to some degree. For example you will only earn 5 rounds of tcaps for playing games per day and the number of tcaps you earn for playing the game will be based on how many times you visit The more you visit the more tcaps per game played you will earn. You can also earn Tcaps by winning them in challenges you issue or challenges you accept. Keep an eye on our gambling games because our plan is to introduce progressive Tcap jackpots within some of those games.

Do I have to join?
To issue a challenge you have to be a member. To respond to a private challenge you do not have to be a member and you will not have to join in order to complete a challenge. In order to see the list of public challenges and respond to public challenges you have to be member. Of course if you do not join you cannot win Tcaps if any are wagered on the challenge because you have no account for us to store them in.

What costs are involved with
None. The games are free to play online. Membership is free. Tcaps are free. We do sell full versions of our games that you can install on your computer and play anytime without an internet connection.

Does store the challenge history?
Yes. We store lots of different information about the challenges that take place on our site. Information like who issued the challenge, who accepted, who won, who lost, Tcaps wagered, and dates/times of the events. We do not guarantee the information in any way.

Why do I want to issue challenges?
FUN!!! Just have some fun with it. Challenge people and see if you can make it to our Tcap Millionaire club.

How many Tcaps can I collect?
As many as you want but if you cross the million mark we will remove 1 million Tcaps from you and display your username on our million club web page with a trophy next to your name. Each time you cross the million mark we will add another trophy. We will leave your Tcap balance at 1,000 after we take your million Tcaps away.

How many Tcaps can I bet?
You can bet up to of your Tcap balance but the maxium amount you can bet is 50,000 Tcaps.

What if I accept a challenge that has bet more Tcaps then I own?
You can still accept a challenge that has a bet that is greater than your Tcap count but if you win you will only win what you bet and the remaining balance will be transferred back to the person who created the challenge. If you lose you will only lose what you could wager so in this case your Tcap balance would go to zero and the remaining Tcaps will be transferred back to the person who created the challenge.

Are the games randomly generated the same for each player involved with the challenge?
Only some of the games will use the same random numbers to generate the game. If the challenged is seeded (keep reading to learn about the term "seeded") then the game you play will be exactly the same as the person who issued the challenge. For example, in a card game the deck will be stacked in the same order for both games or in a game with blocks that you have to remove the blocks will be stacked in the same order for both games. Some types of games don't really offer the ability to have this happen and some do. When you look at the list of challenges you will see a column that says "Seeded", if it says YES then the games will be the same. If it says "NO" then guess what - they won't be.

Can I issue a challenge to any email address?
Yes, but if people have requested you to stop sending them challenges please stop. If we get too many complaints about a member we will suspend their account.

Do you send promotional emails to the people I give a private challenge to?
We do store the email addresses you send challenges to but we only save them as a reference so you know who you challenged. We send one email to notify the person of the challenge and we send it on your behalf. After that first email we do not send any other emails. We don't like it when our email address ends up on some junk mailing list and we refuse to put other people through that same torture.

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