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Affiliate Terms and Conditions
This is the legal agreement between Tornado Games and any other company or person(s) who become an affiliate with Tornado Games. This agreement also covers the respected designers or publishers of the software as well.
1. Affiliate will be allowed to display the banners and links provide in our banner/links area on their web site as long as they stay in their original format and condition. We will allow custom banners and ads as long as they have prior approval from Tornado Games.
2. Tornado Games will compile all sales records on the 10th of each month (or on the next business day) and issue checks within 2 weeks of that date. You must obtain a balance of $30.00 or more for us to issue a check. If your account doesn't make the $30.00 then your balance wil be carried over to the next month until a $30.00 or more balance is made. Tornado Games will compile stats for the previous month from the 1st to the last day of that month. The percent of the sales you will receive will vary depending on active leases and sales history. Tornado Games will make the final decsion on the affiliates percentage.
3. Tornado Games can refuse to issue a check or close an account based on poor account activity, breach of this contract, false advertising of our products or other reasons. You can file a written complaint within 60 days if your account is closed at which time we will review your account and make a final decsion. All accounts that have no activity for 1 year can be closed without warning. Checks may not be issued if the affiliates profile is missing data or has falsified information. At this time the affiliate program is only open to United States Companies or person(s).
4. Tornado Games can not be held responsible for data loss or equipment failure. All sales are double documented so we should be able to re-create all loss data but just in case we can't we have added this statement.
5. NO SPAM! Tornado Games will not tolerate the use of Spam email or SpyWare to advertise our products or services. All affiliates that use these types of advertising will be terminated immediately and will forfeit all money that may be owed to them by this program. We reserve the right to determine if you have violated this section.

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