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Lease Terms and Conditions
This is the legal agreement between Tornado Games and any other company or person(s) who lease a game. This agreement also covers the respected designers or publishers of the software as well.
1. The lease will enable you to display the game(s) on your domain/web site for the time specified in the lease terms. We offer 1 year leases or life time leases. Game leases will expire at the end of the contract at which point you must remove the game from your site. Each leased game will be built for each customer so we can track the game and watch for any violations that occur of our terms or policies stated on this page or other documentation that we publish and present to the leasee at the time of the lease.
2. The lease does not give you ownership rights to the game, source code, graphics or any other part of the game. All games are owned by their respected companies. You can not distribute, copy, sell or transmit the software. You are not allowed to modify the game. The copyright information has to be displayed somewhere in the game. The copyright can be in the credits, opening screen, loading area and/or game play area.
3. High score tracking can be added on to some games for an additional fee. Please check the games/price list on the menu for more details on this feature.
4. The game will reside on a server under your domain name and leasee is responsible for charges that may occur from bandwidth, monthly/yearly hosting fees, domain name registration or other internet fees that may be presented to the leasee for the use of the server/domain name.
5. The lease is not transferable between 2 or more parties unless the domain name is sold at which point the new owners will take over the lease and can renew it at anytime.
6. Tornado Games and respected designers of the software are not responsible for any damage the software may cause to hardware or other devices. If the software is used correctly and within the guidelines of this lease, no problem should be presented.
7. The games have been tested on a spectrum of computers using all resources avialable to us. This includes but is not limited to, Windows 95,98,NT,XP,ME and 2000 using at least 3 different versions of each browser (Internet Explorer and Netscape). The games have also been tested with Mac using both Internet Explorer and Netscape. At the time of testing both Flash 5 and the beta version of the Flash 6 player were used. We did not discover any problems with the games under these test conditions.
8. Once you recieve the custom built games for your lease no refunds will be given unless we see fit. We will work with you to correct all problems that may occur and extend your lease to help offset the problems as we see fit.

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