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Flash MX Store
If you need information on how to setup the Flash MX Store please Click here

This is a totally new concept on how to handle an Affiliate program. We've been involved with a lot of programs and the funny thing about them is we never made any money. We got so frustrated with the other programs that we brain stormed on how to make ours better. The Flash MX Store is our solution to most of the problems we faced with other Affiliate programs. Keep in mind that the current store is only Version 1.0. We want to see how well this program will work for our affiliates and what areas need to be fixed to increase the profits for you and us. Our mission is to write checks to the webmasters around the world, after all if we are writing checks, that means we are both making money.

These are the problems we had with other Affiliate programs and the things we did to fix them:
1. Cookies: Most programs use cookies or session IDs to track the sales for their affiliates. We all know that cookies can be turned off or in some cases just won't work with certain browsers. We have a cure for the cookies, we say "Toss your Cookies!". Our system uses Flash MX so the webmaster actually sets a variable at runtime and that number can't magically disappear.
2. Traffic Loss: The other guys want you to send your valuable traffic to them so the user can shop at their site. Well, this has "BIG PROBLEM" written all over it. I don't know about you webmasters, but I know we work very hard at getting people to our site and the last thing I want to do is send them to some other site. The other part of this is, let's say a visitor to your site leaves through a link to They spend a little time there and decide to talk it over with their spouse before making a purchase. A few days or weeks go by and they decide to make a purchase, the chances are you didn't get credit for that sale because they didn't come back to you first, the cookie didn't work, it expired, or maybe the shopper used a different browser than the first visit so no cookies were set at all. Our program moves the store to your site so the customer only knows about your store and won't go anywhere else to shop because they don't know where else to go. This solves the cookie and the sales after the first visit problems. It also keeps your visitors at your site because you can put the store anywhere you want without the use of HTML Frames. An example of a link to the store would be
3. Custom Settings: Some programs will allow you to setup a logo so your logo is in the upper left corner of the shopping area. This is great, but what about the overall look and feel of your site. I don't think too many people are fooled by this cheap way of making the store look like it's part of your site (especially when the location of their browser has switched domains). Some of them let you put the store inside of frames, but this doesn't help with the search engines because the spiders don't see your domain attached to the store. They see the store as it's own domain whether you have it in a frame or not. We have built an editor for the Flash Store so you can build a custom look to the store including colors and graphics. You should be able to design a store that fits right in with the overall design of your site. The editor program takes you step by step through the process and it only takes about 2 minutes from start to finish. The store can be scaled in size, so you should be able to fit it in with most web designs (menu on top or side will work). It's default size is 700 x 600 pixels. As long as you scale them together in a direct ratio, the store will look good, but don't scale too small or the shoppers won't be able to read anything.
4. Percents and Tracking: Most programs offer a 5 or 10% payback. Ours starts at 25% and goes up from there. The Flash MX Store (Store 3 as we call it) also has an option for you to track different items within the program. These options are setup in the editor. You will be able to have an email sent to you whenever a cart is updated (putting things in or taking things out), when a demo is requested for download, or when some are checking out. The items in the cart and the total of what's in the cart will be sent as well. This is the best we can do at this time so you can track the performance of the store.
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