Lease Online Games

If you need content for your website, then you have come to the right place. We are now releasing most of the games on Tornado Games for display on other sites like yours. Each game will be custom made to run on your site for the length of the lease. People love to play games and now you can offer it to them with our affordable pricing structure. If you need a custom game or custom app that can run on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Droid Devices, Kindle Fire and Nook we can help. Visit for more details.

How to Begin:
If you're serious about attracting people to your site, then start by checking out the games/price list link in the menu above. Let us know which game(s) you're interested in and what domain you want to post the game(s) on. We will start the process of figuring out prices and how we are going to set up the game(s) for your site.

Discount by volume:
If you lease 4 or more games at a time, you will recieve a 1.5% discount for each game up to 15% off.
Example: 4 games leased - 6% off
8 games leased - 12% off.

More Success:
If you lease a game, you can sign up to be an affiliate of our Tornado Games Store and get 10% more (35% total) of the sales from your site. On an average, you would only have to sell 1 game every other day to pay for your lease if you leased 4 games. If you become an affiliate without leasing, you earn 25% of the sales from your site. For more information about our Affiliate program, please click here. Be sure to check out our Portable Flash MX store, it can be displayed in any web site without the use of Frames or special coding like PHP or ASP. The store has an editor so you can change the color schemes and size so it can fit into almost any web design. For more information about the Flash MX store follow this link.

Use the menu at the top of this page to roam through the leasing area. Be sure to check out the games/price list to see how little it would take to get your site's traffic booming.

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