1. Are there any additional costs or hidden costs for a lease?
  No. The cost you pay for the year are the only costs. Of course, the logo replacement and high score engines are an additional charge, but once a lease is setup, the cost presented at that time are the only costs.
2 Are there limits on how many times the game can be played during the lease?
  We do not place any restrictions on the number of times a game can be played during the length of a lease.
3. What server does the game load from?
  The game will load from your server. We do not supply any bandwidth for any reason.
4. Is the billing recurring/Do I have to cancel my lease?
  NO. All leases have to be renewed and will expire on the date given to you when you bought the lease.
5. What type of support do I get with my lease?
  We support the product we supply to you. That means we will help get the game running and high score list working if purchased on your server. We will not support your users, or the problems they may have with running the game(s) on your site. Your best bet is to refer to www.flash.com for any questions your users may have about the games or problems they may be having.
6. What is the default pixel size for a game?
  Most of the games are designed to run in a 4:3 ratio. We design most of the games in a 466 x 350 pixel window. The games can be made to run at full screen at your site but we strongly advise to stick with numbers that are real close to the 466 x 350 size because of speed issues with some older computers. Flash is not real good at handling full screen animation.
  If you have any other questions please send them to us so we can add them to the list. We can no longer display our email address in the correct format because of spam problems. To email us please use
lease!!tornadogames.com, just replace the !! with an @ sign. Sorry for the hassle but spam mail is killing us.

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