Games/Price List

These are the games that are available for lease at this time. By clicking on the title you can learn additional information about the game and play it as well.
Title/Link  Size +/-5%Price per year  High Score List  
3 Card44 KB$35NO
BarShot30 KB$40NO
BarShot - Shut the Box w/ Pass0 KB$100YES
Black Dragon362 KB$245YES
BSB Paintball262 KB$50YES
Chips48 KB$40NO
Color Reactor 2324 KB$240YES
CornPile163 KB$75YES
Darts: 301 Style53 KB$45NO
Darts: Cricket54 KB$45NO
Demolition Derby75 KB$80YES
Dons Fourplay51 KB$60NO
Dying Breed59 KB$65YES
Eclipse397 KB$120YES
Flea Circus36 KB$40NO
Flop77 KB$60NO
Flying Nuclei130 KB$180YES
Force a Roll81 KB$145YES
Force Within140 KB$145YES
Fungi106 KB$65YES
Giulio's Cribbage171 KB$50YES
Golf Solitaire67 KB$55YES
Golf Solitaire L267 KB$55YES
Hat Trick Basketball90 KB$50YES
Hot Air32 KB$40NO
Impulse150 KB$150YES
Jungle Fruit1500 KB$450YES
Keno50 KB$35NO
King Jester1423 KB$400YES
Limited Space73 KB$60YES
Measure This!106 KB$45YES
Nature's Gold0 KB$250YES
Operation Shield USA91 KB$45YES
Pairs Out79 KB$35NO
Pearl Power490 KB$120YES
Pharaohs Pairs1500 KB$150YES
Poker 25149 KB$65YES
Poker 64240 KB$65YES
Project 15642 KB$220YES
Pyramid44 KB$60NO
Queens20 KB$40NO
Ring Worm187 KB$170YES
Rock Diamonds113 KB$150YES
RSP Showdown275 KB$80YES
RSP Showdown Puzzle275 KB$80YES
RWB Slot Machine50 KB$35NO
SF Slide50 KB$55YES
Shanghi102 KB$90YES
Shanghi Infinity165 KB$145YES
Shanghi Memory95 KB$50NO
Sprint Flash126 KB$50YES
Sprint Flash 21100 KB$150YES
Starsout60 KB$45YES
Summy Solitaire95 KB$60YES
Tornado Gold1150 KB$90YES
Tornado Lanes1500 KB$150YES
Triangles15 KB$40NO
Video Poker75 KB$45NO
Virus23 KB$65YES
Virus 3325 KB$450YES
World Cup113 KB$100NO
Worms Have Wings219 KB$150YES
X Triple I95 KB$80YES
High score lists are an option, but they add additional costs to the lease. If you choose to have a high score list with your game, there will be an additional charge of $20 per game, per year. The data of the scores must be maintained on your server/database. We (Tornado Games) will also have to alter the game to work with your system at an additional fee. Most high score engines will cost around $50 to build and once it's designed, it can be added to all of the games you lease for no cost except the $20 per game, per year.

Lifetime leases are available at 4 times the cost of the prices listed. Source code may be available for some of the games. Please contact us via email for more information. Please include your company name and which games you want the source code for.

Each game will have a 5 second logo display for the company that owns the copyright of the game. We can replace that logo with your company logo or graphic for $20 per game per year. Design of graphic will be billed to company leasing the game(s).

Please contact us via email if you have any questions or would like to set up a lease. We can no longer display our email address in the correct format because of spam problems. To email us please use lease!!, just replace the !! with an @ sign. Sorry for the hassle but spam mail is killing us.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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