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Terms & Conditions

1 We are not responsible for any damage of any type that may be directly or indirectly derived by using or install any of our software. Our software has been tested and we feel confindent that it will not cause any type of damage but some people find ways to make their own lives difficult and we are not resposible for their own problems.
2 This software is protected by copyright. Please respect the copyright.
3 By buying and installing any of our software you are saying that you understand and agree with the statements on this page.
4 We offer a 25 day refund policy. If you have any problems with our software, we will refund your purchase up to 25 days after the purchase date. All software purchased is currently by download. We do not offer our software on disk or CD but if problems with downloading do exsist we have the ability to send the software on disk. We have the final decision on when and if we send the software on disk.
5 We offer free support to our customers for the products through email, we respond to most questions within 12 hours. If you need our help email us. Please include the Title of the game you are having problems with, the problem, operating system and a history of things you have tried to fix this problem.

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