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Tornado Games Online Store - Coupon Information

Name: X Triple I
Price: $4.95

Name: Dons-Pyramid
Price: $4.95

Name: Virus 3
Price: $4.95

How to get a coupon?
There are a few ways to get coupons. One of the ways is by clicking right here. The digital coupon will get you 50 Cents off you next purchase at the store. Coupons are also available at tornadogames.com by using the T-caps you earn by playing games. The T-cap for coupons exchange program is still being designed, watch for details at the tornadogames.com website. We also supply coupons to our affiliates so if you have been directed here from a different site please check with them to see if they are offering any coupons.
How do I know how much a coupon is worth and when it expires?
The coupons are a series of digital numbers that are used to determine how much a coupon is worth and when it expires. A typical coupon code will look like this: 250-05-20-01-324525449294258494249249. The fields are divided by the a few "-" found in the code. The first number (250) is how many pennies the coupon is worth, in this case the coupon is worth 250 Cents or $2.50 off your next purchase. The next set of 3 numbers is the date in which this coupon expires 05-20-01 (May 20, 2001). The last set is a encoded mess of numbers that helps us determine if the coupon is real and in our database of coupons available.
What if my coupon is expired?
We do not offer any exchanges, refunds or direct cash for coupons. If it expires then you will have to get a new coupon by one of the methods detailed in Question 1.
Can I use more than 1 coupon per purchase?
Only 1 coupon per purchase is allowed.

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