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Black Dragon
Name: Black Dragon
ID: 49A
Price: $4.95
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Category: Games:Logic

20 Different Designs
140 Preset Tile Layouts
Unlimited Random Tile Layouts
Animated Moves
Full Screen Play
Personal High Score List


Welcome to the dragon`s lair. The game consists of 20 different designs and every game will present a new challenge. Each design can be played from a random layout or choose from 7 preset tile layouts, this gives you access to 140 preset tile layouts and unlimted random layouts. Careful planning is needed to take the high score. Game is played with 20 tiles that are setup on the playing board of your choosing, all you have to do is remove them in sets of 4. Try to match the sets by color, symbol or both. Achieve bonus points for removing 4 Orange Frogs or 4 Black Dragons. The more sets you remove that match in both color and symbol will increase your strength and thus increase your score. HINT: study the tiles to learn the edge colors and plan your attack in an organized fashion.

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, NT, Vista, 7
300 Mhz or better
Sound Card (Optional)
Additional Information
Designed by: Jetacer Interactive LLC
Web Site: www.jetacer.com
E-mail: games@jetacer.com

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