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X Triple I
Name: X Triple I
ID: 52A
Price: $4.95
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Category: Games:Cards

2 games (Straight & Scatter)
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Take the fun of the card game Pyramid and throw in 13 levels and a little T.N.T.. You and your family will enjoy trying to beat each other's score with this addictive game. The rules are simple to understand. Simply click on cards that add up to 13 (Kings go by themselves), if you get stuck, drop a little T.N.T. on the card and remove the card that's in your way. This offline version contains 2 ways to play. The Straight version is just like the one found on tornadogames.com gaming section but the second will have your head spinning, it's called Scatter. The cards are randomly placed throughout the levels and you have to take your best shot at clearing them all. Download the demo and see what type of fun you can have.

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, NT
300 Mhz or better
Sound Card (Optional)
Additional Information
Designed by: Jetacer Interactive LLC
Web Site: www.jetacer.com
E-mail: games@jetacer.com

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