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Virus 3
Name: Virus 3
ID: 67A
Price: $4.95
Shipping: Download
Category: Games:Logic

Play Square, Hex or Triangle
27 Different Layouts
Color Options
1 or 2 Player
Head to Head History
Personal High Score List


Virus 3 offers a captive version of a mini war using planning and blocking as the tools of play. People enjoy this game for different reasons. Some enjoy the no pressure play while others play for the excitement of head to head competition with a computer player. The game rules are simple to learn and game play is simple to control. In fact, we have tested the game with smaller children, between ages 3 to 5, and they did very well against the Easy computer player. We have also watched as the children learned colors, numbers and shapes from the game.. The Medium and Hard computer selections will offer a challenge to more advance players. If you prefer not to play head to head against the computer you can choose to play against a friend at the same computer or choose a single player game, either way choose from 27 layouts. Enjoy.

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, NT
400 Mhz or better
Sound Card (Optional)
Additional Information
Designed by: Jetacer Interactive LLC
Web Site: www.jetacer.com
E-mail: games@jetacer.com

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