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All you have to remember to get your serpent safely through the cave, is to press and release the mouse button. Sound too easy? Go ahead and try it! The game starts off at a moderate pace to allow you to get the hang of it, but every time you earn 400 points your level increases. With every level increase there is also an accompanying SPEED BOOST. This game is easy to learn and makes for hours of fun... o.k. maybe minutes, but it will kill some time and break up an otherwise monotonous day.
* Vintage Game * - This game was originally written in Adobe Flash. As of 2021 the Flash Player is no longer supported so this game cannot be played online within your browser. To play the game, click the download button. The file you are downloading is a free Windows EXE version of the game - yes, free. It doesn't have an installer, it's just the original online version game. When the game opens you may get a warning message from Windows, you need to select "Run Anyway" or "More Details" to launch the game. Some features like highscore tables, saved games and remembering who you are may not be functional. I'm in the process of rebuilding some the more popular games into HTML5 format so they can be played online but for now this is the only option available if you want to play the original games. If you have any questions or problems please contact me. Store the file in a "TornadoGames" folder and when you want to play navigate to that folder and double click the game to play. Once you have downloaded the game you do not need internet to play.

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