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Vintage Online Flash Games

We started developing online games in late 1998 using Macromedia Flash 3. Flash was purchase by Adobe at some point but they continued to improve the software with later versions. Technology has changed and the Flash Player was disabled in late 2020. All of the flash games can no longer be played within the browser but they can still be played. Below is a list of our vintage games. You can play them by downloading the game to your PC. The games listed here are FREE. Just download them to your hard drive and double click them to play. It best to download the games to your desktop or to a folder on your hard drive so they are easy to find. Items that store information like high score tables, saved games or remembering who you are might not work. The games themselves do work correctly. These do not come with installers, these are .exe files which are executable versions of the original games that were on this site. If you don't see one of your favorites please let me know and I will try to get it released to the vintage area. Some of these games are being redeveloped into HTML5/Mobile games so the games listed here will change form time to time. If you have any issues please contact us. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Golf Solitaire
Hat Trick Basketball
RSP Showdown Puzzle
Let It Ride
Summy Solitaire
Sprint Flash 2
Deep Blue
Virus 2
Demolition Derby
Ultimate Sewer Diver

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