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Lease/Affiliate Members
This affiliate program is not like the others. There are 3 ways for you to present the store to your visitors.

Store 1: The Tornado Games Store

Store 2: The Flash MX Portable Store. This store uses a backwards theory. Instead of sending your vistors to the store, the store is moved to your domain. If you're serious about making some money you have to check this one out. It takes a little more skill to setup but it is the best system we have to offer.More Details...

Store 3" - Arcade: How about this.. a full arcade on your site in less than 10 minutes. This one of a kind program is available for FREE! Pick your colors, enter your Affiliate ID and open an arcade that looks like it's part of your site. Visit for details of this amazing program.

Welcome to the LA Members area of The overall mission of this section is to track affiliate sales and leases that our customers have purchased. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate to sell our product line or want to lease games from us this is the place to start. The following information will help you understand these programs.

Leasing Games: Leasing our games is simple and affordable. There is a whole web site dedicated to explaining the policies and pricing for the leasing options. Please visit the section by clicking here. The reason the affiliate and leasing programs were designed to work together is so we can offer a higher percentage to the customers who have active leases compared to affiliates that do not. Please read the section on "Affiliates" below for details.

By becoming an affiliate to our store you will be able to push customers to the store and get a percentage of the sales paid back to you. The percentage varies depending on active leases and volume of sales. Some of the affiliates are currently getting 40% of the sales they drive. Here's the breakdown of the basic percentages:

The basic percentage starts at 25%
If the affiliate has active leases we add another 10% to that so they would get 35%
Regardless of active leases, affiliates can earn additional percentage points based on their sales.

The percent you earn is on the net income from a sale. If a game sells for $7.99 we lose a little of that money due to transaction costs and the affiliate would earn their percentage of that number. Basically for every $10 of sales we lose about 60 cents to transaction cost. That number varies depending on volume of sales. Up to the minute stats are available to all affiliates so you will always be able to check the status of your account. We compile the stats around the 10th of every month and the checks are sent out within 1 week of that so you don't have to wait around for your money. We do require that your account has at least $30 before we will cut a check. If you don't make the $30 your balance will be carried until you do have it. To become an affiliate or to lease games click here to Sign Up.

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