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Welcome to TornadoGames - Home of Jetacer's Original Games. I'm rebuilding the site from top to bottom so you may find errors or missing pictures once a while. Just know that this website is an active construction zone. We have come to a point in technology that most of my original games are no longer able to play inside the browser. I have been playing around with some new game writting methods and finally found the one I will be using to rebuild some of my classic games in HTML5 and mobile apps. I have recently had to remove a lot of the games because they use the Flash Player which is no longer available. Some of the games are still available on mobile platforms and/or are available to download and install on your PC. To find some of the older games click "Vintage" on the main menu. Thanks for sticking with me through this very busy and confusing time. I hope the new site design and the new (and classic) games the site offers will keep you coming back for more. Tornado Games first came online over 20 years ago. I can't believe it's been that long.

Dons Four Play
Hat Trick Basketball
Summy Solitaire
Limited Space
Ring Worm
Rock Diamonds
Virus 2
Let It Ride
iPoker Mix
Dying Breed
Tornado Gold
King Jester
Force a Roll
X Triple I

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